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Criminal Law

Facing Charges? Release and Bail Reduction Services

(tambien en espanol)

Learn about release and bail reduction services available to those facing criminal charges and how the bail system is changing.

Know Your Rights When Interacting With Police

Learn what to do when interacting with or witnessing the police. Covers rights and responsibilities of police and public.

¿Enfrentado cargos? Servicios de liberación y reducción de fianzas

Obtenga información sobre los servicios de liberación y reducción de fianzas disponibles para quienes enfrentan cargos penales y cómo está cambiando el sistema de fianzas. Learn about release and bail reduction services available to those facing criminal charges and how the bail system is changing.

Debt & Taxes

COVID-19 Stimulus Payments and Tax Credits

Learn about expanded federal and California tax credits and the stimulus payments made in response to COVID.

Dealing with Debt:
Where You Begin

Learn about your rights and options when dealing with serious debt issues, including resources available to help.

Understanding Your Student Loan Debt

Learn how student loans work, what happens if you stop paying your student loans and what to do if you can’t pay.

Family, Divorce & Education

Addressing Bias in Special Education

Learn how to spot bias (implicit or explicit) in special education, how the law protects against it, and what to do to address it.

Child Custody, Support & Visitation

Learn about child custody and visitation in family law cases, including what courts look at when issuing or modifying orders.

Divorce and Separation: Where You Begin

Learn about the legal process for separation and divorce, including what to expect in court, and resources available to help.

How to Work with Child Support Services Department

Learn how to work productively with CSSD to collect child support, modify a support order or deal with support payments you owe.

Remedies for Children in Immigration Proceedings

Who are Unaccompanied Minors? Learn common legal remedies available for children in immigration proceedings.


Landlord-Tenant: Where You Begin

For tenants and landlords, this class provides essential information about rights, responsibilities and resources available to help.

Housing Rights of Tenants With Mental Health Disabilities

Learn how tenants with mental health (and other) disabilities can request and negotiate reasonable housing accommodations.

Housing Protections for Women and Domestic Violence Victims

Much of the brunt of the housing crisis has fallen upon women, but women have important housing-related legal rights.

How HUD Helps with Housing Issues

Tenants with fair housing, discrimination or other housing issues will learn about free services from Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Section 8 & Subsidized Housing

Learn about low-income housing assistance programs and services available to tenants with Section 8 vouchers.

Inheritance / Planning Ahead

Do I Need a Power of Attorney or a Conservatorship?

(tambien en espanol)

Learn about different legal tools to help loved ones with decision-making, including powers of attorney and conservatorships.

Don’t Wait: Plan for Disability and End of Life Decisions

Protect yourself and your family. Learn about Advance Health Care Directives, powers of attorney and other plans for disability or end of life care.

Probate & Inheritance: Where You Begin

Learn about probate – the legal process of distributing a person’s cash, property, and other assets after they die – and resources available to help.

Wills & Trusts: Where You Begin

Learn the basics of wills, trusts, and planning for end of life, illness or disability, including resources available to help.

¿Necesito un Poder de Representación o una Curatela?

Aprenda los diferentes tipos de poderes de representación para ayudar a sus seres queridos incluyendo la diferencia entre los poderes notariales y como obtener una curatela.

Misc. Including, Going to Court, Immigration, Seniors & Disabilities

Appeals: How the Court Process Works

Learn what an appeal is and the steps needed to appeal a trial court decision.

Anatomy of a Civil Lawsuit

Explore the stages of a civil lawsuit: how it begins, how it can end, and everything in between.

Civil Lawsuit Basics: When, Why & How to Settle a Civil Case

More than 90% of civil cases are resolved without a trial. Learn when settlement makes sense and how to negotiate effectively.

How to Access Court Records

Finding court records can be complicated. Learn how to locate and access common types of court documents from state and federal courts.

How to Avoid or Recover from Identity Theft

Learn how identity theft happens, how to protect your personal information, how to find out if you have been a victim, and if so, what to do about it.

How to Resolve Legal Problems Without Going to Court

Learn how mediation – an informal resolution process led by a trained third party - can be used to avoid the time and cost of going to court.

Proceso de entrega o notificación fuera de EE.UU.

Aprenda cómo entregar documentos judiciales a alguien si vive en el extranjero y qué es el Convenio de La Haya.

Orientación General y Taller de Asilo para los Inmigrantes que Enfrentan la Deportación

Este taller ofrece información general sobre los procedimientos de deportación y la corte de inmigración.

Protect Yourself: Elder Abuse Restraining Orders

Learn to recognize elder abuse, spot common scams targeted at seniors, obtain relief with a restraining order and get help.

Scary Stories of Senior Scams

Elders and their loved ones beware! Learn to spot the con, avoid the costs of getting tangled in a scammer’s web and find a happier ending.

Service Animals: What You Need to Know

Gain a basic understanding of legal rights and responsibilities involved in the use of service and emotional support animals.

Serving Process or Giving Notice Outside the U.S.

(tambien en espanol)

Learn how to serve someone with court papers if they live abroad and what the Hague Service Convention is.

Small Claims: Where You Begin

Learn the basics of small claims: preparing and serving papers, going to court, getting paid if you win, plus where to go for help.

SSI and Mental Health Disabilities: 5 Things to Know

Learn the steps to take to apply for SSI/SSDI as an individual with a mental health disability.

What if You Lose? Don’t Ruin Your Chance to Appeal

You have the right to appeal, but you won’t win on appeal if you don’t know the right steps to take while you’re still in the trial court.

Working With a Lawyer on a Budget

Learn how a limited services lawyer can provide legal assistance to help you represent yourself.

Small Business

Getting an SBA Microloan for Your Small Business

Do you own a small business or want to start one? Learn about microloan opportunities from Small Business Administration lenders.

Building Your Credit to Grow Your Business

A good credit score is vital to small business owners. Learn how to improve your credit to start or grow your business.

Cómo obtener un permiso de vendedor ambulante en la ciudad de L.A.

Cómo obtener los permisos adecuados para vender comida y otros artículos en público en la ciudad de L.A., desde los permisos iniciales hasta las renovaciones.

How to Form a Corporation or LLC

Learn why forming a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) can help you reach your business goals, and how to do it.

Know Before You Sign: Reading & Negotiating Business Contracts (Business Series)

Learn how to read common “boilerplate” contractual language and negotiate contractual terms to your advantage.


Getting Paid:
Wage & Hour Basics

Learn the process for seeking unpaid wages, who is covered, plus other requirements like breaks and sick pay.

Beneficios de desempleo, incapacidad y ausencia laboral debido a COVID-19 enfermedad

Si esta afectado por COVID-19, incluyendo la pérdida de empleo o enfermedad, las leyes federales y las leyes de California brindan importantes beneficios para ayudarlo a usted y a su familia.

Unemployment, Disability & Sick Leave During COVID

(tambien en espanol)

Learn about employment-related benefits for workers during COVID-19, under established law and laws enacted during the pandemic.

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