Monday, October 23, 2023

Finding Legal Forms & Templates

Project Place Affordable Housing in LA County

Tips and Tools Searching for Affordable Housing

MCLE Volunteer Training Eviction Defense

MCLE Volunteer Training Disaster Assistance 101

MCLE Volunteer Training We Are LA Pro Bono Eviction Defense Training

Writs How to Challenge Government Agency Decisions

Help With Becoming an Adult's Legal Conservator

Enforcing Custody and Visitation Orders

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

How to Build or Rebuild Your Resume

MCLE: Volunteer Training Counseling on Debt & Bankruptcy

MCLE: Overview of SSDI & SSI Benefits

MCLE: State of Pro Bono Work in California and Los Angeles County

Estate Planning is for Everyone

Business Series Branding and Marketing 101

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Getting and SBA Microloan for your Business_Startup

Legal Writing for Laypeople


MCLE: Volunteer Training: Tenant Power Toolkit

MCLE: Helping Undocumented Immigrant Survivors

Is Someone Being Abused? Laws, Tools & Resources

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Civil Lawsuit Basics How to File and Respond to a Complaint

What Happens After Death Laws About Human Remains

MCLE Legal Rights for Non-Citizens

MCLE: Volunteer Training Establishing Guardianships

Sealing Eviction Records So You Can Rent Again

Avoiding Pitfalls & Mistakes in the Appeals Process

Friday, October 27, 2023

Civil Rights Where You Begin

Special Education for Your Child Know Your Rights

On Demand Class Downloads

Advanced Public Information Search

Anatomy of a Civil Lawsuit

Appeals How the Court Process Works

Applying for SSI With a Mental Health Disabilities 5 Things to Know

Child Custody Support & Visitation

Don’t Wait: Plan for Disability and End of Life Decisions

Facing Charges Release and Bail Reductions Services

Federal Student Loans Repayment and Cancellation Options

Get Ahead with California Public Benefits

Getting Paid Wage & Hour Basics

Habitability Issues in HUD Housing

How to Resolve Custody and Visitation Conflicts

Is this Civil Harassment Laws, Tools & Resources

Keeping People and Pets Housed

MCLE: Ethical Protesting for Legal Professionals

MCLE: Protecting Native American Graves and Artifacts

MCLE: Representing clients across cultural and language barriers

MCLE Volunteer Training Removing Legal Obstacles to Veterans' Employment

Proceso de entrega o notificación fuera de EE.UU

Protect Yourself - Elder Abuse Restraining Orders

Section 8 & Subsidized Housing

Serving Process or Giving Notice Outside the U.S

Small Claims Where You Begin

Using Small Claims to Collect Back Rent

Working with a Lawyer on a Budget

Taxpayer Bill of Rights & Collections

Your Federal Tax Credits

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